Leverage our debt financing relationships to find your real estate capital Northmarq works with the most credible and professional lenders in commercial real estate, and we have for decades. Our stable, long-term relationships with lenders are built on the strength of our network of local offices across the country and our best-in-class loan servicing. We are proud to provide a seamless experience for the life of the loan for many of the lenders with whom we work. No matter what your commercial real estate debt financing needs are—a first mortgage, bridge financing, construction financing, affordable housing or tax-exempt loans, or a complex mix—we can help. Let us find the best commercial real estate debt financing and investment solutions for you and your property. Explore the options below, and then contact us for more information or reach out to your local Northmarq office to get started.

Life Insurance Companies

Northmarq represents nearly 100 life insurance companies and investment advisers through correspondent agreements. Our long-standing relationships with some of the largest capital sources in the country ensure the best outcome for each of our clients.

Freddie Mac Multifamily

Northmarq’s extensive experience placing loans with Freddie Mac consistently places us among the top lenders in the number of loans originated for Freddie Mac each year. We are part of the Optigo Seller/Servicer network, and we’ve been part of that network since it was introduced in 1994.

Committed to the life of the loan – from origination to servicing to defeasance.

Our Freddie Mac multifamily team provides guidance and solutions for all unique situations, committing to timely closing and certainty of execution. We offer unique solutions for any financing challenge, with experience closing more than 150 loans annually. Using our platform of offices across the country, we provide multifamily financing expertise, managing each step of the process -- from due diligence to closing. Your local multifamily financing expert can leverage our centralized team for subject matter expertise. Together we offer the best solution for your complex loan offering options that extend beyond financing. Borrowers trust our expertise. Borrowers across the country note our team’s focus on preserving longterm relationships – in fact, many borrowers have trusted Northmarq for the entirety of our Freddie Mac relationship. Satisfaction surveys consistently rank us in the top of all Freddie Mac Optigo servicers, with nearly 90% of borrowers saying that our loan servicing is better than others in the industry.

Our Freddie Mac Multifamily team offers the following products: Conventional Fixed & Floating Rate, Student Housing, Lease-Up, Manufactured Housing, Moderate Rehab, Long Term Financing, Facility Supplemental, Value-Add, Seniors Housing, Green Advantage, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Tax Exempt Loan-Immediate or Forward, Section 8/HAP Contract and Non-LIHTC Forward financing.

Learn more about our Freddie Mac capabilities and contact your local Northmarq office for information about what product is right for you.

Fannie Mae

As a leading lender for multifamily properties, Fannie Mae relies on its network of Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) partners to finance rental housing. We have closed more than $9 billion in Fannie Mae transactions as a DUS® lender by offering the newest and most unique programs in the market and ensuring that our clients are connected with the best solution for their needs. We have an experienced team that focuses solely on Fannie Mae real estate debt financing options, from closing on time to servicing for the life of the loan. Learn more about our Fannie Mae capabilities, the Fannie Mae Green Rewards program, and other available options by contacting your local Northmarq office.


HUD/FHA loans are available for all types of multifamily and healthcare assets, including both affordable and market-rate properties. These loans provide some of the most aggressive rates and terms in the market, which can generate significant debt-service savings for borrowers but can also result in a complex transaction. With an in-house team dedicated to FHA loans, Northmarq helps first-time FHA borrowers navigate the challenges of the closing process and expedites it for those borrowers who are more familiar with HUD financing. We are with you for the life of your loan as both a fully licensed HUD lender and as the servicer for your loan, regardless of its size. Learn more about our HUD/FHA capabilities and contact your local Northmarq office to take advantage of our team’s depth of experience in HUD/FHA lending.


Northmarq approaches the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) marketplace a bit differently than many of our competitors. We believe in the value of personal connections, especially when doing business with investors and securitized lenders. We develop long-term relationships with companies and people we know and trust, giving our clients peace of mind in the quality of their loans. We originated nearly $2 billion in CMBS loans, and we also service the majority of our CMBS originations, which means we’re involved with our clients’ loans post-closing. That ongoing relationship means our clients have an advocate for the life of the loan. Contact your local Northmarq office to learn more about CMBS loans.


Banks are a vital part of the commercial real estate lending and debt investment landscape. Northmarq cultivates strong relationships with hundreds of local, regional and national banks, and our clients benefit from the breadth of our network when it comes to options for the right financing solution. Let Northmarq find the best deal for you by contacting a local office today.

Additional Sources

Sometimes a potential real estate transaction requires out-of-the-box thinking, either because of the complexity or the size of the deal. Northmarq can provide real estate debt financing options from a variety of traditional and less-traditional sources, including:

Let our experts find the perfect solution for your commercial real estate transaction while you focus on running your business. Get started by contacting a local office.