NorthMarq’s Omaha office provides Seventy Five North Revitalization with 2020 Community Giving Grant

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (January 4, 2021) – Seventy Five North Revitalization Corporation, a 501(c)3 organization serving in Omaha, was nominated by John Reed, managing director of NorthMarq’s Omaha office, to receive a 2020 grant from NorthMarq’s Community Involvement program. NorthMarq’s donation will facilitate the organization’s mission to revitalize a healthy, sustainable, mixed-income community in the Highlander neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska.

“Seventy Five North has focused on developing affordable housing, improving education resources, and coaching of at-risk-families to improve outcomes. We appreciate their very thoughtful approach to community-driven development,” said Reed.

Seventy Five North works to convene community members, educational partners, and the philanthropic community to lead the transformation of the Highlander neighborhood. They use a community revitalization model pioneered from Purpose Built Communities that uses a three-pronged approach: Cradle-To-College Educational Pipeline, Mixed-Income Housing, and Community Health and Wellness.

The organization prioritizes the Highlander neighborhood because of its declining housing options and its opportunity for potential enormous impact. The demolition in 2009 of Pleasantview Homes (a 300-unit public housing project in the Highlander neighborhood, meant 23-acres of contiguous land less than a mile from downtown Omaha opened up. Seventy Five North purchased 36 acres of contiguous land and an additional 55 lots surrounding the former Pleasantview site. While dilapidated housing and lot deterioration existed in the neighborhood, it allowed Seventy Five North to acquire properties and embrace development on a greater scale.

In the third year of NorthMarq’s Community Involvement Grant program, the company has awarded grants to 18 non-profits in 16 cities. The program solicits nominations from each local office, and had an increase of 20 percent from 2019, with a total of 18 non-profits focused on affordable housing and reducing homelessness receiving these grants in 2020.