Expert analysis of the huge growth in build-to-rent homes in 2022

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (July 15, 2022) - Trevor Koskovich, president - investment sales, recently shared his insights with in an article analyzing the current growth of build-to-rent (BTR) communities and the reasons behind the increasing demand in 2022. The story notes that an astonishing 106 percent increase in the amount of single-family BTR homes seen in 2022, compared to a 36 percent increase in 2021.

Other topics covered include: Who is driving demand, metro areas with most BTR homes, BTR amenities, and industry predictions.

“We are seeing a massive development pipeline because the product has fared well operationally across the U.S. It [SF BTR homes] has proven to be the more desirable rental option in comparison to traditional multifamily,” said Koskovich. “There was also a tremendous amount of capital raised in the space and developers are deploying that money aggressively. I think there has been a demographic shift and tenants really prefer this type of product.”

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