Brandon Harrington shares insights with AZ Big Media: Here’s how the build-to-rent boom is re-shaping Phoenix

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (September 27, 2022) - Brandon Harrington, senior vice president/managing director of Northmarq's Phoenix debt/equity office, recently provided expert analysis the build-to-rent industry in an AZ Big Media story titled "Here's how the build-to-rent boom is re-shaping Phoenix."

Phoenix and the greater Maricopa County are ground zero for BTR growth. Northmarq's team recently sold the land and arranged financing for the development of Honeycutt Run build-to-rent community.

Topics covered include Phoenix market fundamentals, drivers of demand and consumer preference. Harrington noted that elevated home prices and the current interest rate environment make it difficult to qualify and afford a home mortgage, which is driving demand for multifamily options like BTR communities.

“I’m super bullish on multifamily, BTR and all forms of housing, because we do have a lack of supply,” Harrington explained. “We have major population growth, and we have huge job growth. A lot of those jobs aren’t even here yet, so I think we’re going to continue to see huge demand for housing going forward.”

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