Julianna Clementi-Ryan is an associate vice president in Northmarq’s Chicago office. Her focus is predominately buy-side, and her client concentration primarily centered on Section 1031 and Section 1033 tax deferral investors. Julianna is one of the industry’s foremost tax deferral advisers having facilitated sophisticated transactions involving partnership structuring, zero cash flow financing and reverse exchanging for a variety of clients throughout the United States for over 17 years. She continues to lecture and author articles on these subjects and serves as a valuable resource to various tax advisers and investors who are transitioning away from management intensive property and towards the net leased asset alternative. 

Prior to Northmarq, Julianna served as an associate director at Stan Johnson Company where she joined in 2010 as an associate net lease investment broker and tax deferral advisor. Julianna prides herself on being a tax deferral buyer’s advocate, treating her buyer’s purchasing power with the same level of care and enthusiasm as a listing broker treats an exclusive listing. 

She is often quoted as saying, “The most disadvantaged investor is the 1031 tax deferral investor. Not only are they highly motivated to acquire property within a short period of time, as a result of the Internal Revenue Code’s statutory time periods, they exacerbate their disadvantaged position by working with multiple brokers whose relationship is reciprocally noncommittal. Instead of seeing more of the marketplace, they see less. Instead of seeing property that mirrors their lending capabilities and estate goals, they see ‘unqualified property.’ Instead of using their time wisely, they wind up playing beat the clock.” 

Julianna's insight is unique, her vetting process comprehensive and her access to quality product broad all of which increases the probability of a successfully executed acquisition that not only satisfies the tax deferral investors’ exchange requirements but also their estate planning goals. 

Julianna is a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, a committee member DePaul University and holds Bachelor of Accountancy.

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