A Message from CEO Jeffrey Weidell: COVID 19 – NorthMarq's Next Steps

Along with the rest of the nation, NorthMarq is emerging from the pandemic shelter-in-place mode and taking steps to responsibly return more of our operations to an office environment. While the work-from-home emergency plan has served us well these past few months, we know that our highest level of client service involves more access to one another as well as the collaborative tools a working environment brings. Simply put, we miss seeing each other, and we miss seeing you. While there is no immediate return to “normal,” the steps we take are a refreshing start.

Most of our headquarters and servicing staff will continue to provide service remotely as we work to reopen. Please continue to interact as you have online and via mobile phone as necessary. As states reopen, so are many of our production offices, with remote work simply an ongoing evolution of our business, which will continue.

Throughout this period, NorthMarq has continued to provide liquidity to the market, closing and signing up new loans at quite attractive rates. While there remains uncertainty about the economy and property performance, the market is backed by ample lender and buyer capital, supported by historically low interest rates. We expect to be busy helping you finance and transact as some clarity settles in on property performance. All of our professionals are anxious to be “in the market” with you again.

With regard to existing loans, our servicing team has been very active fielding requests for loan modifications on properties severely impacted by the COVID shutdowns. We thank you for your patience with us as we have tried to aid the process for this unique crisis event. We remain committed to being a part of the solution to any problems by quickly and efficiently providing data to our lender clients to allow them to make their decisions. You deserve our best in these times of stress.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of service and expertise to you remains unchanged. Be it a new loan, a property sale, or the need for equity to acquire an asset, we continue to build our business based on supporting the highest quality professionals in their work. We look forward to helping you get back to track on your business plans and to seeing you again in person down the road.

Northmarq is a full-service capital markets resource for commercial real estate investors, offering seamless collaboration with top experts in debt, equity, investment sales, loan servicing, and fund management. The company combines industry-leading capabilities with a flexible structure, enabling its national team of experienced professionals to create innovative solutions for clients. Northmarq's solid foundation and entrepreneurial approach have built an annual transaction volume of more than $39 billion and a loan servicing portfolio of more than $76 billion. Through the 2022 acquisition of Stan Johnson Company and Four Pillars Capital Markets, Northmarq established itself as a provider of opportunities across all major asset classes. For more information, visit: www.northmarq.com.