Jeff Matulis provides analysis in WMRE: Institutional investors take a temporary break on medical office buys

Jeff Matulis -
Senior Vice President

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (January 18, 2023) - Jeff Matulis, senior vice president, recently shared his insights on the medical office industry with Wealth Management Magazine. The story focuses on how investor interest in medical office properties registered a slowdown during the second half of 2022. Brokers and analysts, however, say they expect a rebound this year as inflationary pressures ease and the Fed is expected to pull back on interest rate increases.

“I feel volume will be down and pace will be slow for the first half of the year,” said Matulis. “Eyes will continue to be on the Fed with what they are doing with rates. Employment is still strong and there is plenty of capital to be spent, both debt and equity. Anytime we see a glimpse of inflation calming, the stock market lights up and treasuries drop. I think this gives us an idea of what is waiting on the backside of all this when the Fed stops their rate hikes.”

Topics covered include:

  • 2022 Data
  • The Buy/Sell Gap
  • Who's Selling?
  • Expected Returns

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