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Are We There Yet?

10/ 7/ 2015

When on any long car trip, the most common question kids have been asking for years is “Are we there yet?” Many real estate professionals are asking the same question concerning the robust recovery in real estate. Is the market…

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Cash Management 101: What you need to know about lockboxes

9/ 22/ 2015

It’s become fairly common that loans originated for the CMBS market contain some form of in-place or springing lockbox mechanism. As lockboxes become more common, it’s important to understand the different forms of lockboxes, the associated costs and the issues…

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Crowdfunding Isn’t Really About the Crowd

7/ 29/ 2015

I recently attended a “crowdfunding” conference because I felt ill-informed about this nascent industry. Is crowdfunding a small time sideshow or a real estate sea change? I think it is too early to tell, but I was struck by one…