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NorthMarq strives to keep ahead of industry trends and challenges, and sharing that knowledge with our customers is part of our commitment to a successful relationship for the life of the loan.

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Our newsletter is currently on hiatus. We invite you to peruse historical editions of the newsletter below. Click on the month/year header to read the newsletter.

December 2017

  • Making Plans with Confidence
  • Hurricane Harvey and Other Significant Events: A Story of NorthMarq Collaboration
  • Learning from Industry Experts and Our Peers at the MBA Insurance Conclave
  • Servicing Portfolio Reaches a Milestone

July 2017

  • Peek Behind the Curtain of our Customer Service
  • Don’t Sell the Retail Industry Short
  • Ace Analysts: Adding Value that Makes a Difference
  • Key Takeaways from Our Borrower and Lender Surveys
  • Employee Spotlight: Nicole Malaske

November 2016

  • Contending with Risk
  • ShareFile: NorthMarq’s Next Step Toward Secure Transmission of Sensitive Customer Information
  • NorthMarq Acts to Secure Our Customers’ Sensitive Information
  • Employee Spotlight: Jaimie Owler—A True Team Player
  • Working Through Insurance Noncompliance
  • Reminders for Year End

April 2016

  • Connecting with Customers on a More Personal Level
  • 2016 Lender Expectations: What They Mean for Borrowers
  • NorthMarq Invests in Employee Development, Taps Leader for New Role
  • Training and Team Building Lead 2015 Servicing Council Initiatives
  • NorthMarq Capital Celebrates Its All-Stars
  • Employee Spotlight: Jeff Davis

August 2015

  • Unseen Assets Foster Great Customer Service
  • Cash Management 101: What you need to know about lockboxes
  • Servicing Enhances Professional Development Strategies
  • Employee Spotlight: Jenni Bowser

January 2015

  • From the Director: Reflections as the Year Comes to a Close
  • Challenges and Opportunities Abound for Servicers in the Next Three Years
  • Developing the Next Generation of Industry Leaders Through Productive Internships
  • Going the Extra Mile: NorthMarq Servicing Employees Are Recognized for Superior Performance

June 2014

  • From the Director: Taking the Pulse of the Commercial Mortgage Servicing Industry
  • Are You Prepared for the Looming Maturity Tidal Wave?
  • Wading Through Flood Reform
  • Building a Better Servicing Team
  • Not Just at Work: Good People Doing Good in the Community
  • Employee Spotlight: Ryan Gregory

December 2013

  • From the Director: New Year, New Leadership – Same Commitment to Excellent Customer Service
  • NorthMarq’s Servicing Council: Grooming Future Leaders by Empowering Employees Now
  • NorthMarq’s 2013 Extra Mile Award Winners
  • Year-End Reminders and Tips
  • NorthMarq Gets Involved with Career Fairs

June 2013

  • Karen’s Corner: Retirement and the Bright Future Dawning for NorthMarq’s Customers
  • NorthMarq Recognizes Our High Performing Employees of 2012
  • Insurance Team: Ready for the Storm Season
  • What a Borrower Needs to Know About CMBS Loans
  • Practical Guidance for REMIC Mortgage Loan Modifications

December 2012

  • NorthMarq’s Servicing Council: Engine for Loan Servicing Improvement
  • Retailers Navigate the Amazon and Urban Jungles
  • ‘Tis the Season for Fraud Prevention and Information Security
  • Year-End Reminders and Tips
  • Managing Hurricane Sandy as an Insurance Event

June 2012

  • Fracking leases: The Oil Rig in the Room for Lenders and Loan Servicers
  • Fraud in the Insurance Industry: Danger for Commercial Borrowers and Lenders
  • Tax Delinquency: How NorthMarq Helps When It Hurts
  • NorthMarq Recognizes Its Next Generation of Leaders

December 2011

  • Results of NorthMarq’s 2011 Borrower Survey
  • Delaying the American Dream Creates “Echo Boom” for Multifamily
  • Year-End Reminders and Tips
  • NorthMarq Embraces SharePoint
  • Employee Spotlight: Jon Miller

June 2011

  • Changes in Commercial Mortgage Insurance Compliance, 2001-2011
  • The World According to GARP
  • Guest Column: Freddie Mac Revives CMBS Market: Capital Markets Execution Revisited
  • The Green Life at NorthMarq’s Corporate Office

December 2010

  • Electronic Discovery for Loan Servicers: Working Toward a Solution
  • Year-End Reminders
  • LoanStat Updates, Borrower Survey Continue Legacy of Customer Service
  • Providing the Services You Need
  • Overnight Mailing Address for Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • Putting Around the Office for a Good Cause

June 2010

  • Banking Issues Are Intertwined with Commercial Loan Servicing Issues
  • Team Building “On a Dime”
  • Improved Customer Service Through Automation: NorthMarq Pushes the (Electronic) Envelope
  • The Ratings Are In!

December 2009

  • Averting Business Disaster: NorthMarq Plans for a Pandemic
  • Year-End Reminders
  • NorthMarq’s 2009 Technology Award Nomination
  • NorthMarq Embarks on “Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer” Training Program
  • NorthMarq Adds More Than 350 Loans to Servicing Portfolio

June 2009

  • If your commercial loan is headed for trouble, what do you do?
  • Survey Results
  • Changes to UCC fee processing and efficiencies in insurance save you time and money
  • Financial statements: ‘Tis the season
  • In the Community: NorthMarq (Food) Servicing